An audit of contextual advertising helps to identify serious mistakes in the conducted company. The quality of setting up an advertising campaign determines the number of transitions of potential customers to the site and rational spending of the budget. Errors and inaccuracies lead to the fact that money is spent on requests that are not suitable for the advertising and business in general. An audit identifies these errors and helps to correct them.


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When do you need to order an analysis of contextual advertising?

The analysis is important in the following situations:

     ♦ to make sure that there are no major mistakes that lead to wasted budget;
     ♦ to find the flaws due to which the site does not receive the required traffic;
     ♦ if few visitors come from advertising;
     ♦ if there are few orders and there are doubts as to whether targeted traffic comes to the site;
     ♦ if it is necessary to check the quality of the work performed by the performer on setting up contextual advertising;
     ♦ if there are doubts about the effectiveness of the campaign.


Benefits that can result from a Google Ads audit include:

elimination of wasted budget;
increased traffic of targeted visitors;
increase in conversion and sales;
decrease in uninterested visitors;
cost per click reduction and budget optimization.


Google Ads audit includes the following works:

Analytics collection check.
Our experts make sure that data from analytics systems is transmitted correctly.

Analysis of the quality and completeness of keywords.
First of all, specialists check whether the keywords used are suitable, identify non-target and informational queries, and, if necessary, expand negative matching.

Analysis of the structure and quality of ads.
We identify errors and shortcomings of ads, make a list of recommendations. Analyzing quick links.

Targeting and display strategy.
Our experts investigate the ad display settings, in more detail:

     ⇒ general strategy for displaying ads, taking into account the budget and business specifics;
     ⇒ selection of days of the week for advertising display;
     ⇒ setting the region;
     ⇒ show time;
     ⇒ availability and registration of the organization card.

Express site audit.
We conduct a general site check in order to identify optimization flaws that can significantly affect the result. We analyze the following points:

     ⇒ presence of flaws and gross optimization errors;
     ⇒ clarity and convenience of the site for new visitors;
     ⇒ assessment of attractiveness;
     ⇒ availability and effectiveness of promotions and other programs;
     ⇒ comparison with competitors (price frames, offer of goods and services, other offers).

At the request of the client, we carry out the adjustment (optimization) of existing advertising campaigns. Adjustment implies small changes in settings. In our experience, audit results that only require adjustment are rare. In most cases, there is a radical change in the advertising campaign.


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