Google AdWords are advertisements in the results of the Google search engine. It is a Google Pay Per Click (PPC) ad solution. In comparison with the complex of work on website promotion, advertising in Google AdWords allows you to attract customers immediately after the launch of the campaign. Google Ads lets you customize your campaign on the fly. Ads can be used alone or as part of a full website promotion.



Benefits of Google Ads


This advertising method is suitable for most products and services. Restrictions are imposed only on some topics.


Google Ads only targets targeted traffic. Ads are shown to an interested audience for certain queries, which pushes to go to the site.


Performance budget spending (PPC). You only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your site or call your company. Money is debited only for clicks of potential buyers.


Google Ads provides the ability to adjust settings as a campaign is running. You can customize your ads at any time to reach a specific group of people (by interests, geographic region, etc.). During the campaign, you can track the result, edit ad text, keywords, and other parameters.


Large audience coverage. The more keywords are used, the greater the reach of potential buyers. In this case, the semantic core can be expanded during the campaign.


Google Ads gives you the ability to market your business outside of Google search. In this case, advertisements can be configured on websites on the Google Display Network (GDN). It includes many sites on the Internet, where it is possible to find even more potential customers.


настройка Google Ads


Как стандартно настраивается контекстная реклама Google Adwords

1. Setting goals and objectives for the future campaign. If necessary, an analysis of competitors and the niche of your business is carried out.


2. Collecting key phrases, compiling a semantic core. At this stage, it is important to cover as many requests as possible that relate to the topic of your site. We take into account the following points:


words and phrases are selected, which you can find the promoted goods or services;


depending on the campaign, the reach of queries can be broad or narrow. Broad reach is defined as having a large number of common keywords. Accordingly, narrow coverage implies a certain direction in the topic. The larger the volume of common keywords, the larger the audience, but at the same time the competition and cost per click increase;


if we create campaign in the form of "ad group = 1 keyword", as a result we will get the most interested visitors. With this approach, keywords get the highest relevance to the user's query.


3. Pre-planning and budget approval. When using the appropriate tool, the estimated number of ad impressions, click-throughs and the amount of funds required are analyzed. The resulting plan is approved by the customer.


4. Compilation and launch of the campaign. At this stage, the text and attractiveness of the ads are thought out. Only well-developed texts bring potential buyers to the site. In addition, Google Ads are configured by parameters (time of displaying advertising offers, time zone, etc.).


5. Control and analysis of results. Our specialists not only launch the campaign, but also continue to monitor the results. Adjustments are made if necessary.


Combining SEO and Google Ads gives your business the best chance of driving traffic and visitors to your website in the short term and expanding your business's online presence for the long term!

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