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SEO-House is one of the best SEO Company for lawyers. To successfully promote a website for a law firm, we carry out all standard SEO work, as well as use additional tools. Additional methods of promotion include strategies that take into account the specifics of the SEO marketing for attorneys topic. Thanks to the combined use of different tools, we get the best results and traffic growth. Our SEO agency for lawyers create a user-friendly website that allows to find the desired service and make an application.


To increase the trust of website visitors to a law firm, it is necessary to place high-quality content that corresponds to the subject matter and maximally responds to user requests. For this, our SEO agency for attorneys use the services of a copywriter who is a specialist in the legal industry.


What do we pay attention to when working with SEO for attorneys and lawyers?


1. Technical analysis of the web resource.


We perform analysis for all promoted sites. If the site has technical errors, the site is loading slowly or the information is displayed incorrectly, then you cannot move on to SEO. It is important to make all the necessary adjustments. We check the quality of work and the speed of displaying the pages of the website on different devices. After verification, a task is drawn up for the programmer, who makes the necessary adjustments. As a result of the work done, the site works stably, loads quickly, all information is displayed correctly.


2. List of search queries.


When the site works correctly, we move on to the next stage. One of the important points in local SEO for lawyers is collecting the semantic core. At this stage, we collect complete information that corresponds to the legal topic and search queries on Google. For each request, the frequency is checked, analysis and selection of phrases that will be most effective for this site are carried out.


3. Optimization of website pages.


When the list of key phrases and queries is ready for all pages of the website, we perform the correction of tags and titles (title, description, h1). The information posted in them has a great impact on getting the site to the TOP of Google. Therefore, the content of tags and headings should include key phrases, as well as information useful to the visitor.


4. Website content.


We will create a convenient structure for the site, which includes sections with various types of services. Particular attention is paid to the content of the pages. The content of the site should be useful, unique and contain complete information about all legal services.

The structure of the site can be as follows: services for individual clients, services for business, information about a law firm (reviews, diplomas, work experience).


5. Information about the reputation of lawyers and advocates.


To increase the number of clients at the expense of site visitors, you need to add information that describes the competence of the law firm. A high-quality description of the company, work experience, qualifications of employees increases the trust of visitors to the company. We recommend the following options for describing the quality of legal services:


1. you can provide statistics of work, indicating specific numbers and terms of work,

2. you add diplomas and thanks from clients,

3. awards of lawyers and advocates who represent this legal organization,

4. reviews,

5. photos of the office and employees,

6. forms for clients' appeals (ordering services, consultations, etc.).


6. Checking for spam on pages.

We analyze website pages, evaluate the optimality of text structures. We compose a copywriter task for each page. A high-quality page should contain not only text, but also images, videos, lists, sections. SEO for lawyers also provides an analysis of competitors' sites.


7. Creation of sections with frequently asked questions.

If the website has FAQ pages, this makes it possible to expand the list of search queries. This means that it increases traffic and the number of potential customers. The high-quality design of this section and the placement of useful information allows the user to be convinced of the level of your competence and increases the user's confidence in the law firm.


We supplement this list of actions with the creation of external links, we regularly analyze the positions of the site and make the necessary changes. Our SEO agency also provides services for a small law firms.



If you have additional questions about promoting your law firm, order a free consultation. Our staff will answer all your questions.


SEO-House perform legal marketing, we offer the best SEO service for attorneys. We will analyze your site and offer you an individual promotion plan.


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For medical websites, the main thing is the correct page content. The text of the site must be composed correctly, describe in detail the problem the client is dealing with. Quality content is the main point for effective SEO for doctors.

Other features of SEO for doctor websites promotion:


1. pages must comply with YMYL sites / pages requirements;
2. it is necessary to post detailed information about employees on the site;
3. need to analyze commercial indicators;
4. incoming links from other medical websites.


Types of sites that use medical marketing for doctors:


1. manufacturers of medical technology and equipment;

2. medical clinics;

3. private office of a specialist doctor;

4. medicine stores;

5. private clinics;

6. small business SEO services.


What are the benefits of ordering doctors website SEO with us?


Our specialists are constantly exploring new promotion methods. We take into account the specifics of the web resource promotion industry. Previously, we study in detail the subject of the site and the tasks that the client sets for us. When working with medical websites, we separate information and commercial traffic. We also take into account various ranking factors.


We have been in SEO for over 10 years. During this time, we have gained extensive experience in promoting sites on various topics. We are able to solve complex problems and find optimal solutions.
For medical sites, content is important. The client studies the information about the service in detail before making an application. We provide content creation services that are then edited by a qualified specialist.
Our work includes ongoing reports. The client can check at what stage of the project we are at any time and control the results.


We have promoted various medical websites, including:


1. Dental services.
2. Equipment for medical institutions.
3. Clinic of a private doctor.
4. Treatment of heart disease.
5. Healing ointments and creams.


Website promotion technology development


An SEO strategy or plan is needed to successfully promote any website. Basic steps:

1. List of search queries.

Internet users who are looking for medical services in the search query indicate the name of the disease or diagnosis. Therefore, for high-quality promotion and traffic increase, we take two types of requests: commercial and informational. Commercial inquiries include words like "treatment", "doctor's appointment", etc.
Information requests often contain the words "how", "what" or just the name of the disease or symptom, without additional words.
Considering two types of requests, we expand the circle of potential customers and increase the efficiency of the site.

2. Technical analysis of the site.

This type of work is carried out for all sites. It includes fixing errors on the site and optimizing the web resource.

3. YMYL content on the site.

All texts that describe the treatment of a disease should contain the following information:


1. onset of the disease, stages of the disease;

2. information about a specialist doctor: diplomas, awards, work experience, additional courses;

3. rating of doctors on a specialized site;

4. images and videos relevant to the topic of the article.


Promotion of a medical website requires a detailed study of the subject matter and specifics of this area. Our experts conduct a thorough study of the medical industry of our clients.

4. Regular monitoring of site positions.

In order to get stable traffic and regular customers, the site needs to be constantly updated and checked.
The following steps in our work give positive results:


1. updating information about the clinic and specialists (new diplomas, awards, etc.);

2. additional links to articles and videos of doctors;

3. registration of employees in ratings on medical portals;

4. detailed information about a specific disease and treatment increases the confidence of potential clients in the services of the medical center.


Promotional work is carried out systematically, over several months.



How to Succeed in Healthcare SEO.

To bring a site to the TOP of Google, you need to perform a full range of work. We post content verified by qualified specialists, which includes: all the requirements of YMYL pages, experienced authors who have medical education, interaction with medical portals and other sites, high-quality link mass and content citation on other medical sites on the Internet.


SEO-House is a large team of professionals in the SEO market. We have been working in the field of website promotion for over 10 years. We provide services in various business areas. Along with full website promotion, our specialists offer an SEO consultant service. We provide an international SEO consultant services and we help businesses to succeed in global markets.


If you have questions about optimizing your web resource, our qualified specialists will be able to answer them. You can set a specific task or prepare a list of requests that interest you. Our experience allows us to find a solution to any problem. To get advice, you can contact us by phone or leave a request on the site.

Fill out the application form! Our experts will contact you immediately!


Our advantages

EXPERIENCE. We have been promoting various web resources for many years. We provide services to a seo consulting in the USA. During our work, we have accumulated a lot of experience. We are constantly interested in news in SEO services. With theoretical knowledge and practical experience, we will help you find the right solution to your problem.
DIALOGUE WITH THE CUSTOMER. We strive to organize mutually beneficial cooperation with our customer. For this, we will learn detailed information in order to give quality recommendations.
COMMUNICATION WITH A SPECIALIST. When ordering enterprise SEO consultant services from us, you apply directly to a specialist, bypassing intermediaries.
GOOD TARIFF. We will conduct a detailed consultation for a real price. You will receive a quality service at a good price.


Who Seeks SEO Consultation:

  • Marketers
  • Site builders
  • Business leaders
  • Web designers
  • Projects managers

    Why is SEO consulting useful?

When business owners promote their web resource on their own, questions and problems arise that are difficult to find answers and make the right decision. In this case, only specialists can help, who daily in practice solve these problems.

Extensive experience in the field of SEO services gives us the opportunity to share knowledge, give advice and recommendations. Here is a list of questions that most often arise when seeking advice:


1. how to increase traffic and sales using SEO;

2. how to set up links correctly;

3. how to make a list of search queries for a given web resource;

4. what corrections need to be made on the site.


Our team can perform a technical analysis of your site. You will receive recommendations and a qualified assessment of your web resource. Experienced professionals will advise you on how to improve your site structure, as well as suggest an effective plan for promoting your website in the Google search engine. You will receive a local SEO consultant is to find local customers within in a certain area.

We will find the answer to any of your questions!


What will you get as a result

  • you will receive an overall rating for your website;
  • you will learn how to increase organic traffic to your website;
  • you learn the mistakes that prevent your business from getting customers from the search engine;
  • you will receive a list of recommendations for promotion to the TOP Google;
  • you will draw up an action plan to improve the web resource;
  • you will learn how to attract customers interested in your products or services;
  • you will learn a lot of new and useful things about website promotion.

Book a consultation right now!


Customer reviews about our work


Ilyushin A.V. Head of the “Infinity Parts project”.
For several years we have been using the services of professional SEO consultant and website promotion on the Internet. Thanks to the service of SEO-House, we were able to solve many complex issues related to the site. In the course of work, many difficult situations arose. All problems were solved quickly and professionally. To date, the site has received a stable position and our business has improved significantly.


V.V. Zdanenkov. Director of the company “RostAgroComplex”.
All work by SEO-House specialists was completed on time and with high quality. The joint cooperation has brought good results. All problems have been resolved.


Dimidchik D.A. Director of the “BTK company”.
We would like to thank the specialists for the quality of the work performed on technical support and promotion of our website.


Terekhov V.T. Specialist of the “Kupimebel company”.
For our company, SEO-House specialists provided SEO marketing strategy for the online store. We received quality services at a good price.


Ivleva A.V. Director of “Montegrappa”.
Thanks to the SEO-House specialists for the work done. The cooperation was long and fruitful. It is always a pleasure to deal with professionals. What we liked: responsibility, high qualification of employees, quick reaction to changes, attentive attitude to the customer. We recommend that you contact the SEO-House specialists the best SEO consultants. We thank everyone with whom we worked.

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High positions in Google search results will increase the number of online applications to the dental clinic. To get to the TOP you need: unique content, convenient and beautiful design, as well as a range of SEO services. Our company will help you make the necessary settings so that your dentistry will receive more clients.

Any business needs website promotion - this is the best way to advertise. SEO reaches a large number of people and is more cost effective compared to TV advertising.


We will help you choose the right dental SEO option for dentistry that is just opening or already has extensive experience. We will find the right strategy for your business and help you attract new customers!


Your dentistry needs promotion when:


1. Low website traffic, customers do not find your site on Google - we will improve your position.

2. High website traffic, but the number of orders small - we will check the convenience of the site for the client and fix errors that create difficulties for ordering.

3. Narrow customer reach - we will raise brand awareness.


Website promotion on Google has many advantages over other types of advertising:


1. Constant traffic of users of the search engine.

2. SEO for a dentistry website allows you to conduct an effective advertising campaign for less money in comparison with contextual advertising, advertising through the mass media;

3. The majority of Internet users click on search results links more often than on advertisements;

4. Website optimization and placement of high-quality content increase the client's confidence in the clinic;

5. Targeted traffic thanks to well-tuned semantics.

Website promotion will increase brand awareness and build visitor confidence in your dental practice. You can evaluate the results of our work in about 2-3 months.


Why do dental clinics choose us

Extensive work experience. Our specialists have been promoting dental sites for over 5 years. We are familiar with the topic, we know the methods that give good results. Our team is the leader in dental SEO services.
We guarantee a return on investment. By raising your position in Google, we provide a lot of traffic. Properly crafted website promotion searches and technical work allow the user to make a choice for your dentistry.
We provide a full range of services. Our team provides a full range of SEO services for dentistry. If necessary, you can order additional services: setting up contextual advertising, promoting in social networks, copywriting, web design, creating a new website, and others.
Reports and technical support. We constantly report to our clients about the result of our work. Our experts provide the necessary advice and answer questions. We provide technical support for the site.

Dentistry website conversion. We do dental SEO marketing and work to increase the conversion of your web resource.
Customer confidence in your dentistry. To increase customer confidence, it is necessary to post real positive reviews about your clinic on the site, a large number of images of the clinic, staff, detailed and accessible description of the structure and services.


Dentistry website promotion cost

Our team is successfully working in the field of SEO for dentistry. You can choose the tariff that suits your business! We offer three options: "Standard", "Full" and "Maximum". Each plan includes a full set of SEO services, to which you can add additional services at your discretion. If you have any questions about choosing a version, our experts will advise you to choose the best option.


Steps to Promote a Dentistry Website (dentist SEO case study)

1. We develop an SEO service plan for your web resource. We take into account all the details of your company: local SEO for dentists, size of the clinic, range of services, etc. For each client, we develop an individual program, we take into account your wishes and agree on all the details.
2. We carry out site optimization. First, our specialists analyze your web resource for errors. We will give recommendations for improving the structure of the site, content, ease of filling out an application.
3. We will analyze your competitors' sites.
4. We make up a list of search queries that correspond to your topic of dentistry and bring potential clients to the site.
5. We will fill the site with quality content and images. In the dental business, the description of services is essential. Since patients want to receive full information about the service in advance, find answers to their questions, be able to get preliminary consultation.



Order the promotion of your business from us you will get best SEO for dentists!


1. Cooperation with professionals.

2. Effective spending of funds.

3. Full range of services.

4. Stable customer flow.


Do you want to be more visible on search engines? We can help you do that. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.


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SaaS is a new product in the software market and requires new promotion methods. The strategies and recommendations of marketers are different from promoting other business models. Most of the customers of SaaS companies are business customers, we are talking about the B2B market segment. Hence new b2b SaaS SEO services, sales and advertising strategies are needed. Marketers offer solutions to help promote your business.

Basic promotion methods.

1. SEO services for SaaS companies.
You can attract customers and make your brand recognizable using contextual advertising or email marketing, but the best solution is SEO. With SEO for SaaS, traffic will increase, you will rank well on the Google search engine and sales will increase as a result. Our team offers the best SEO for SaaS strategies. We offer a full range of services to attract potential customers.

Together with the rest of the points that marketers recommend, you will receive a comprehensive solution to the problem of finding and retaining customers. Which will lead to business growth. SEO agency for SaaS companies will perform the main work on optimizing your web resource:


1. We will conduct technical and marketing SEO for SaaS company.

2. We will perform SEO consulting for your SaaS company.

3. We will offer a special SaaS SEO strategy.

4. Local SEO service on Google Local and on Google Maps.

5. We will set up SaaS marketing SEO.

6. Special offer for SEO for SaaS startups.

7. Service auto website promotion.


We will provide reports on the work done.

SEO services help SaaS companies reduce the cost of product promotion by increase brand awareness, and reduce customer acquisition costs.

2. Links with reviews and descriptions of your services.
In the SaaS industry, customer feedback builds trust in a company. The main recommendation for writing a review is a detailed description of the problem, workflow and result of the work performed. It is necessary to draw up a story about what tasks the client faced, the proposed work plan, and a description of the successful result of the work.


3. Free offer.
SaaS companies can offer users test versions of their product for free. In this case, two options are most often encountered:


1. Full version of the product for testing in a short period of time (day, week, month).

2. Free version for the service with limited functions.


4. The value of loyal customers.
Loyal customers are especially important in this business. Therefore, the emphasis in advertising should be on existing customers. They generate more revenue than new customers.

5. Automation of the sales process.
This procedure is done to speed up the conclusion of the deal. Fast selling is essential for SaaS businesses because the software market is changing rapidly and information is becoming obsolete.

6. Setting a higher price.
This strategy allows you to attract customers, although the opposite principle works in other areas. A higher price increases the value of the proposed product in the eyes of a potential buyer.

7. Quality service.
A SaaS company requires technical support for the proposed software products. The quality of this service includes maintaining, updating and making adjustments to the product, if necessary.

8. Let's summarize.
The main thing when promoting a software product is its quality and relevance in the market. The company must solve these problems independently. If you offer customers a product of good quality and a reliable technical support system, then using the listed methods will win customers for a long time.


Example of query positions for a saas service


Do you want to be more visible on search engines? We can help you do that. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.


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