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Effectively increase the number of clients from the Internet,
conduct site Audits, do it SEO-optimization,
configure Contextual advertising


400 active clients
Large portfolio of SEO services - more than 400 projects that have ordered promotion and promotion. A large number of loyal customers, with whom I have been working for over 7 years.
100% attachment protection
SEO promotion and promotion of the site is carried out by multiple parallel methods, which allows your site to remain in the top even when the search engine algorithms change.
Efficiency and quality
The most important thing is consistency and customer loyalty, so we work to achieve maximum efficiency from day one! You get a visible result after the first month!
Low promotion prices
SEO-promotion is a service the cost of which depends on the number of requests, the initial state of the site, the region and the competitiveness of the promoted requests. I offer quite attractive prices. There are also discounts for complex works.
Maximum Internet market coverage
Temporary promotion to Yandex and Google is the maximum possible coverage of target customers, is about 90% on the Internet, as well as more than 90% of Google in the west
Individual approach
Promotion and promotion of sites in Moscow is not only an excellent result, but also stability throughout the entire period of cooperation, largely due to the consideration of individual features of the project promoted and the personal wishes of the customer.

Results. Reviews


    Ponomareva M.

    Director of an online store

    Project:Online store " 100 stones"
    (jewelry made of natural stones)
    Executed work:Range of services for website optimization
    Result:Search traffic growth of more than 700%
    Thanks to the well-coordinated work and highly qualified specialists of the Internet Agency "SEO-HOUSE», the revenue of the online store "100 stones" increased by 4.8 times. Highly effective interaction with our Manager demonstrated the Agency's professionalism, as well as the desire of employees work with complex and non-standard tasks.

    Denisov A. S.

    Associate Director

    Project:"Vision medicine"
    (Ultrasound machines and endoscopy)
    Executed work:Complex of services for SEO optimization of the site
    Result:TOP1 search queries and 4-fold growth in search traffic.

    I Want to Express my gratitude to Ivan and his team. They did their job well. Previously, we worked with various promotion companies, but the seo-house company showed the most impressive result.

    After the work was completed, the site got to the first page of the search, which made our competitors seriously nervous.

    In the future, if necessary, I plan to contact seo-house not only for promotion, but also for setting up contextual advertising and other services. I recommend the company to everyone except my direct competitors.

    Deputy. Director A. S. Denisov


    Andrey Stepanovich Davydenko

    The Director of the enterprise "MULTICAST"

    Project:Enterprise "MULTICAST"
    (World of children's toys)
    Executed work:Range of services for website promotion
    Result:Search traffic growth increased by 60%
    We would like to Express our gratitude on behalf of the entire team and me personally, the Director of the MULTICASTING company Andrey Davydenko, the company SEO-HOUSE.COM, and in particular personally to the Director Zhdanovich Ivan Anatolyevich, for your hard work and diligence in promoting our site during our collaboration, the site was ranked in the TOP 3 for many high-frequency queries of our subject. Site traffic increased by more than 60 (sixty) percent. We worked with more than one organization, and only here we got RESULTS, not promises. I liked the chosen individual approach to us.
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