Review by Morrow Group



The company "Morrow Group" expresses its gratitude for the services provided in the analysis of the site and subsequent recommendations for improvements.



Review from the company ALLO




The company "ALLO" was satisfied with the results of cooperation. Conversion and sales from the site increased several times.



Feedback from the company roadunits


Благодарность от


The Roadunits company expresses its gratitude for the high-level services provided in setting up Yandex direct contextual advertising. The company was satisfied with the cooperation.



Review from the company "Green planet" LLC"


Благодарность от ООО Зеленая Планета


The company "Green planet" LLC expresses its gratitude for the services provided in setting up the Yandex direct campaign and a professional approach to work.



Review from Uggz"



uggz new


Company representative expresses its gratitude for the successful cooperation and recommends the performer as a reliable promotion specialist. As a result of the work, there was a significant increase in positions for target queries.




Review from the company "Phoenix" LLC"




The company LLC "Phoenix" expresses its gratitude for the promotion of the site and the achievement of good results in the work. More serious cooperation with the company is ahead.



Review from the company "Proviant" LLC"




The company "Proviant" expresses its gratitude for help in setting up contextual advertising.



Review from the company "vision Medicine" LLC"




I want to Express my gratitude to Ivan and his team. They did their job well. Previously, we worked with various promotion companies, but the company SEO-house showed the most impressive result.


After the work carried out, the site got to the first page of the search, which made our competitors seriously nervous.


In the future, if necessary, I plan to contact the CEO-house not only for promotion, but also for setting up contextual advertising and other services. I recommend the company. I recommend the company to everyone except my direct competitors.


Associate Director,

Denisov A. S.



Review from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus



On behalf of the GUO "Institute of business and technology management" of BSU, thanks are expressed to Zhdanovich Ivan Anatolyevich for the lecture for students on business promotion on the Internet.



Feedback from the company



I Express my gratitude to the company in the person of Director Ivan for good work on the project All work is carried out efficiently and the project receives stable growth.


After developing the project, we turned to the company Seo House, where we ordered the promotion of the site. For 9 months of work, the traffic to my site has risen to 200 unique visitors per day. During this time, our project went into a plus and began to make a profit.


I hope for further fruitful cooperation with the team


A. I. Borsch

Head of the Internet portal



Review from Real Door Service





When applying, we did not have high hopes for the results, since the topic is quite complex, the niche is competitive and promotion in Moscow is much more difficult than in other regions. We just expected an improvement in the site's position in the search results and more visitors.
As a result of cooperation, our website I got to the first positions in the search results for many key phrases, the number of orders increased. I like Ivan's approach to working with clients, any questions are explained in detail and with arguments.
We are very satisfied with the work of the promotion company. If you want to get a great result, we recommend that you entrust your site



IP Lukashenok Sergey Aleksandrovich



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