SEO-House is a large team of professionals in the SEO market. We have been working in the field of website promotion for over 10 years. We provide services in various business areas. Along with full website promotion, our specialists offer an SEO consultant service. We provide an international SEO consultant services and we help businesses to succeed in global markets.


If you have questions about optimizing your web resource, our qualified specialists will be able to answer them. You can set a specific task or prepare a list of requests that interest you. Our experience allows us to find a solution to any problem. To get advice, you can contact us by phone or leave a request on the site.

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Our advantages

EXPERIENCE. We have been promoting various web resources for many years. We provide services to a seo consulting in the USA. During our work, we have accumulated a lot of experience. We are constantly interested in news in SEO services. With theoretical knowledge and practical experience, we will help you find the right solution to your problem.
DIALOGUE WITH THE CUSTOMER. We strive to organize mutually beneficial cooperation with our customer. For this, we will learn detailed information in order to give quality recommendations.
COMMUNICATION WITH A SPECIALIST. When ordering enterprise SEO consultant services from us, you apply directly to a specialist, bypassing intermediaries.
GOOD TARIFF. We will conduct a detailed consultation for a real price. You will receive a quality service at a good price.


Who Seeks SEO Consultation:

  • Marketers
  • Site builders
  • Business leaders
  • Web designers
  • Projects managers

    Why is SEO consulting useful?

When business owners promote their web resource on their own, questions and problems arise that are difficult to find answers and make the right decision. In this case, only specialists can help, who daily in practice solve these problems.

Extensive experience in the field of SEO services gives us the opportunity to share knowledge, give advice and recommendations. Here is a list of questions that most often arise when seeking advice:


1. how to increase traffic and sales using SEO;

2. how to set up links correctly;

3. how to make a list of search queries for a given web resource;

4. what corrections need to be made on the site.


Our team can perform a technical analysis of your site. You will receive recommendations and a qualified assessment of your web resource. Experienced professionals will advise you on how to improve your site structure, as well as suggest an effective plan for promoting your website in the Google search engine. You will receive a local SEO consultant is to find local customers within in a certain area.

We will find the answer to any of your questions!


What will you get as a result

  • you will receive an overall rating for your website;
  • you will learn how to increase organic traffic to your website;
  • you learn the mistakes that prevent your business from getting customers from the search engine;
  • you will receive a list of recommendations for promotion to the TOP Google;
  • you will draw up an action plan to improve the web resource;
  • you will learn how to attract customers interested in your products or services;
  • you will learn a lot of new and useful things about website promotion.

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Customer reviews about our work


Ilyushin A.V. Head of the “Infinity Parts project”.
For several years we have been using the services of professional SEO consultant and website promotion on the Internet. Thanks to the service of SEO-House, we were able to solve many complex issues related to the site. In the course of work, many difficult situations arose. All problems were solved quickly and professionally. To date, the site has received a stable position and our business has improved significantly.


V.V. Zdanenkov. Director of the company “RostAgroComplex”.
All work by SEO-House specialists was completed on time and with high quality. The joint cooperation has brought good results. All problems have been resolved.


Dimidchik D.A. Director of the “BTK company”.
We would like to thank the specialists for the quality of the work performed on technical support and promotion of our website.


Terekhov V.T. Specialist of the “Kupimebel company”.
For our company, SEO-House specialists provided SEO marketing strategy for the online store. We received quality services at a good price.


Ivleva A.V. Director of “Montegrappa”.
Thanks to the SEO-House specialists for the work done. The cooperation was long and fruitful. It is always a pleasure to deal with professionals. What we liked: responsibility, high qualification of employees, quick reaction to changes, attentive attitude to the customer. We recommend that you contact the SEO-House specialists the best SEO consultants. We thank everyone with whom we worked.

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