Examples of our achievements


For more than 8 years, we have promoted more than 400 sites in different topics and regions

Top positions in search results:


SITE'S THEME:  Development software


OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: TOP10 for basic keywords

KEYWORDS: software development company, custom software development company

ACHIEVEMENTS: TOP1 for basic keywords

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SHORT DESCRIPTION: To achieve the result of promoting the development site, the following works were carried out: the maximum number of commercial and information requests was collected. Based on the grouping, 56 commercial pages and 106 blog articles were created. Developed snippets of all pages, added markup and symbols to increase clickability. The commercial factors of YMYL have been worked out. Pages of content authors were created, company employees were shown, customer reviews were recorded, and a page of achievements and development was developed.

Multiple increase in traffic for a young site


Pet Portal


Young Internet portal. When it came to us, traffic on the site was almost nonexistent. Optimization and systematic work raised the site traffic to 2100 people per day from search engines (organic search). Given that the promotion region is not large, it is not easy to achieve such an indicator.

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In one month, we improved our positions by 10% on important queries.


For one month of work on the tourist project, it turned out, according to important requests for the client, to grow by 10%. For some queries, go to the TOP10. The main optimization works were carried out: collecting the semantic core, grouping queries, writing meta tags, embedding keywords in texts, and fixing technical problems.

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Getting results in Google for 2 months


On the site for the development of MVP in a highly competitive niche in a competitive region of the United States, it was possible to bring some of the queries to the TOP of the Google search engine in 2 months. Initially, the client wanted to get the tops for a certain page and all the work was aimed at optimizing this page. Collection of a detailed semantic core and preparation of thematic articles with linking. Setting high-quality links to the promoted page. Elimination of all technical problems on the site, including duplicates.

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Placing the site in the Canada region in the TOP1 for all key customer queries for 12 months. All technical errors on the site were checked and corrected. The most detailed semantic core is collected and all the necessary pages are created on the basis of it. Conducting a PR campaign with the placement of links. Work on your reputation. Working on commercial factors.

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Medical website for 7 months, search traffic will grow by 3.5 times.


Medical website for 7 months, search traffic will grow by 3.5 times. The semantics of the site were worked out. New services on the resource were created based on requests. Commercial factors have been worked out. Blog articles have been written and linked to commercial pages. Working with content marketing on third-party sites.

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The narrow-niche site for the rental of construction equipment has grown 2.5 times in 6 months.


The narrow-niche site for the rental of construction equipment has grown 2.5 times in 6 months. Initially, the site was in the form of a landing page, but based on the requests, additional landing pages were created. Product cards have been worked out. Added order forms and booking times on all pages.

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SITE'S THEME:  Development ios and android apps

REGION: Netherlands

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: TOP10 for basic keywords

Screenshot 2786

 SITE'S THEME:  Selling siding


REGION: Calgary (Canada)

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: TOP10 for basic keywords

KEYWORDS: siding Calgary, Calgary siding, siding in Calgary and other

ACHIEVEMENTS: TOP1 for basic keywords




SHORT DESCRIPTION: This project specializes in selling siding in a specific region of Canada. The site was originally a single-page site with a contact page. There were no technical problems. The maximum number of requests for this region was collected. Next, we needed to create several additional pages to increase the coverage of semantics in the Google search engine. The main semantics fell on the main page and links in directories and forums were placed as much as possible under this page. The final result was that the site for this region was ranked in the TOP 1 in the Google search engine.                   

 SITE'S THEME:  Selling siding

REGION: Vancouver (Canada) 

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: TOP10 for basic keywords

ACHIEVEMENTS: For the period  05.02.2020 – 16.04.2020 increased by 22%.  TOP10 for basic keywords


SHORT DESCRIPTION: The project had practically no problems with site speed and technical problems. Detailed keywords was assembled on the site and additional pages were developed for it. Text was rewritten and optimized on the base of keywords. Template meta tags were adjusted manually. Social networks were developed and links to the site were made.

SITE'S THEME: Large real estate aggregator 

REGION:  Canada


ACHIEVEMENTS:  traffic increase by 171% (almost 2 times)

Screenshot 2783

SITE'S THEME:   Service for business optimization 

REGION: United States of America 

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: TOP10 for basic keywords

ACHIEVEMENTS: TOP10 for basic keywords



Technical problems were fixed on the project and the site speed of the service was improved. A large number of keywords were developed and landing pages were prepared for keywords. Commercial factors, an information blog, have also been introduced. We worked actively with the web links.

SITE'S THEME:   Winter sports and recreation 

REGION: Vancouver (Canada) 

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: TOP10 for basic keywords

ACHIEVEMENTS:  TOP3 for basic keywords



The project was in the form of a landing and had a main page and several pages about the company, what clearly made promotion difficult. The main page was implemented as a large article listing all services. The first step was to assemble the keywords and analyze the competitors. Then only a general description was left on the main page, and the rest of the services were moved to other pages. For each service was created video description and good detailed text. Also, the site has introduced a booking functionality that allowed you to get into the TOP 3 in keywords at the such level as a huge shared portal with 10,000 + pages.

SITE'S THEME:  Mobile signal amplifiers online store 

REGION:  United Kingdom

OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: increase in traffic and sales

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