Examples of our achievements


For more than 8 years, we have promoted more than 400 sites in different topics and regions

Top positions in search results:


Multiple increase in traffic for a young site



Young Internet portal. When it came to us, traffic on the site was almost nonexistent. Optimization and systematic work raised the site traffic to 250-300 people per day from search engines (organic search). Given that the promotion region is not large, it is not easy to achieve such an indicator.

More than half of the requests are in the Top.


We are conducting our own project in the Minsk region. As a result, the project consistently ranks in the top ten for the absolute majority of key phrases. As you can see from the screenshot, the site is in the Top for queries with super high competition.


We are ranked TOP1 for queries with high competition.


The project is being promoted in the Moscow region. A complex of works on site optimization and traffic attraction was performed. We managed to overcome serious competition and gain a leading position in high-frequency queries in Yandex.

Продвижение сайта дверей в Яндексе


We also keep the TOP3 in the Google search engine.

Продвижение сайта дверей в Google


We keep the first places for competitive queries in Yandex and Google.


The region of promotion of Moscow. In the conditions of super high competition, the site got to the first position in the Yandex search engine. For low-frequency queries, the site also holds the first place in the search results. The entire range of promotion services was carried out.

Продвижение сайта строительной тематики в Яндексе


In Google, the site is kept within the TOP10. For low-frequency queries, also TOP1.

Продвижение сайта строительной тематики в Google

For 2 weeks, the site was in the TOP5 for queries with high competition. We continue to stay in the first places.


The promotion region is Minsk. It is a very popular niche for this region, which indicates high competition. We have carried out a full range of promotion activities, which also includes recommendations for improving the business. As a result, the site is kept in the first positions of the issue.

Продвижение сайта по продаже теплиц

Lifting the site's positions from the TOP100 to the first places. We consistently occupy a place at the head of the issue.


The region of promotion of Moscow. A young site, at the start was outside the TOP100. This, of course, did not imply a quick or easy advance. But a few months later, the site was in the TOP1 for key niche queries. This indicator is consistently maintained throughout the entire promotion period.

   Продвижение сайта по ремонту медоборудования в Яндексе


In the Google PS, the site is also in the leading positions for key queries.

Продвижение сайта по ремонту медоборудования в Google

TOP for 3 months.


We got a fairly young project to work on. The promotion region is Minsk. For 3 months of operation, the site got into the TOP having previously been outside the TOP100. Most of the requests are consistently located on leading places in search results Yandex and Google.

Продвижение сайта аттракционов

Getting into the top ten in less than 3 months.


The project was promoted in the Minsk region. At the initial stage, the site was outside the TOP100. After carrying out the optimization and PR work, it took less than 3 months and the project took the TOP10. In the Top is 50% of requests.

Продвижение сайта корпоративных праздников



Getting into the TOP10 for highly competitive queries in less than 2 weeks.




Getting into the TOP3 for queries with high competition


Getting positions in TOP3 and TOP10 for high-and mid-frequency queries in the "monopods" category"


Getting into the site in the TOP3 for queries in the topic " student works"



Summary of the top position growth for queries in different topics


A sample case study:



The project was promoted immediately after its creation. Initially, a semantic core of 1200 key phrases was collected. In the course of work, the core was expanded to 6000 requests. Despite the fact that the site is young, it is consistently held in the TOP3 in Belarus. Traffic continues to grow as can be seen in the screenshot below.

The position of the site:


Позиции интернет-портала изделий ручной работы



Трафик интернет-портала изделий ручной работы







The position of the site:




























Keeping traffic down:






svisloch.by rost-poziciy-svisloch 


Keeping traffic down:











istochniki-perehodov-Norma J.Baker








Keeping traffic down:




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