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Our team of specialists proposal ecommerce SEO marketing services. To get the best result for your business, we provide a full range of services.


For each client, we develop an individual business promotion strategy.

That allows you to rationally allocate resources and achieve long-term results in Google search.


Our agency study the products and services that your company provides.

That allows you to create the right list of search queries, analyze competitors sites and attract targeted visitors.


We are developing a semantic core, which will promote the online store.

Search queries should be relevant to the topic of your site, which will attract customers and reduce bounce rates.


We are analyzing your website.

We develop a website promotion plan and to optimize website performance. If necessary, we carry out technical work.


Technical SEO for ecommerce.

Our experts check internal links and server response codes. If necessary, we optimize the title, description tags, as well as design the h1, h2 tags. We check the size of images and files posted on the site.


Analyzing the website, checking the content and structure of the website.


We set up a user-friendly site structure. A good and convenient design creates a desire to make a purchase or order a service. The web resource must meet the requirements of the search engine. Particular attention is paid to the content of the site, its uniqueness, usefulness and correctness.


Online store promotion will improve the performance of your site. You will receive a web resource filled with quality content, with a convenient and modern design. Your business will go to the first pages of the search engine and receive an influx of customers. Investing in search engine optimization has a lasting impact and makes your business visible.


Our company provides an opportunity to order part of the services.


Quick site audit.

We check the site for errors, assess the current state of the site, its design and content.


Full site audit.

We carry out technical and SEO analysis, we make recommendations for improving your website.


Compilation of the semantic core.

We make a list of key phrases to promote your resource. We provide you with a list of recommendations for introducing the semantic core to the site.


Contextual advertising Google Ads.

We perform a full customization of contextual advertising for your requests. This gives quick results and attracts potential customers.


What do you get by ordering promotion services from our agency?


1. Team of professionals. The experience of our specialists allows you to quickly navigate in various areas of business and draw up a work plan.

2. We guarantee the result and quality of our work. You can see the list of our clients and reviews on our website.

3. We use only approved methods of website promotion, which guarantees the safety of your business.

4. Building up the link mass. Within the acceptable search engine. Placement links on sites with high DA.

5. You will be able to estimate for yourself the growth of the resource traffic, the increase in the number of orders, the reasonable spending of the budget.

6. Regular reports and checklists allow clients to see the range of work carried out and track the results.


Why choose SEO for ecommerce business? Benefits of SEO ecommerce in Google.


Long-term effect. Your site goes to the first positions in Google and keeps this position.


Ecommerce SEO pricing. The number of targeted clicks is growing at a fixed cost.


Users are more likely to go to SERP sites than to sites with sponsored links.


A quality website. The convenience of the site will be appreciated by users and this will increase your popularity and traffic to your online store.


Monitoring results. You can check and analyze the quality of your business promotion.


Taking stock of website optimization.


Getting your website into the TOP10 of Google search results will significantly expand the boundaries of your business. The number of website visitors is increasing, which can be monitored using our reports, as well as analytics and Google counters. High-quality design and technical optimization create convenience for customers and lead them to purchase a service or product. You will be able to control the sources of your website visitors yourself. SEO ecommerce optimization  is the best option when choosing ways to promote ecommerce store.


As a result of doing SEO for ecommerce website, you will receive:


1. Increasing the number of customers and orders.

2. Improving your site.

3. Site entry into TOP10 in Google search results.

4. Long lasting and lasting results.

5. Reducing the cost of user transitions.

Example of one of our recent accomplishments

keyword ranking

At the picture above you can see improvement of search engine ranking for one of our project. This growth is observed for the keyword “software development company”. It has a quite high competition for the region and that’s why struggle for TOP3 is rather complicated. This result was gained within 6 months.

traffic growth

At the same time we worked at traffic and at the result we managed to rise it to the point above 1500 targeted visitors a day. This achievement also required 6 months.

Do you want to be more visible on search engines? We can help you do that. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

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