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Zhdanovich Ivan Anatolyevich




10 years as CEO;

More than 400 sites for the promotion period;

 I publish on probusiness.by internet marketing;

 Getting awards source;

Host of the Smart Fox webinar;

Quoted by the seo industry source;

Working at artox-media as a leading specialist;

Own implemented technologies to increase the level of search traffic for portals;

Own implemented technologies in the field of link building (buying and placing links);

Own implemented analytics technologies for commercial websites and online stores;

Teaching courses of SEO specialists.


Due to the specifics of the industry!


1. I work only with people who want to develop their business and website. SEO is far from writing a Title and buying a link;

2. The standard term for Moscow and St. Petersburg is from 9 months. It is caused primarily by the speed of the search engine's response to changes. By definition, there can be no results in a day.

3. Work is primarily done for the development of the site, not to do anything to make something happen. Any action is preceded by serious analytics.


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