To ensure that your website and business is ranked high on the search engine result pages (SERPs) on Google, it is important to assess the technical condition of the site.


Technical SEO audit is a set of verification and analysis activities, the purpose of which is to identify the reasons that prevent a site from ranking in the top positions of TOP-search results. Our team conducts research not only on the promoted resource, but also on competitors' sites. This allows you to get a complete picture of the state of the site and choose the most appropriate promotion strategy.


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Why do you need a technical SEO audit?


1) First, an audit should be ordered if, in a specific period, it is not possible to order a full-scale SEO promotion, but measures need to be taken. Having received the results of the analysis, you can partially correct the deficiencies yourself or use the services of freelancers. As a result, such measures can lead to a significant improvement in the position of the resource in the search results Google.


2) If the position of a resource in the search results has dropped sharply and dropped out of the TOP10, this is also a case when the audit will reveal the reasons for this circumstance. Timely elimination actions will help rehabilitate and return to previous positions.


3) If the site does not appear in the search results for a long time or is poorly indexed, technical SEO analysis is carried out to detect problems, errors or sanctions. It is important to find out the site errors that are the cause of the problem (absence of the site in the TOP10).


4) There was a need to update the site or make a new one. When updating a resource, mistakes are often made, in which case it is worth checking the site.


5) When constantly working with the site, it is recommended to conduct a technical SEO audit every 3-4 months.



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Что входит в SEO-аудит сайта


 Analysis of external and internal links. External links are closed with the nofollow attribute, internal links are checked for correctness.


 Analysis of metadata. Duplicate and missing meta tags Title and Description are identified.


 Analysis of headers. Similarly, missing or duplicate H1-H headings are checked. The use of headings for layout is also detected (which is unacceptable, since headings should be used only in text formatting).


Revealing hidden text. Having hidden text has a negative impact on rankings.


 Image analysis. We provide a list of optimization recommendations.


 Checking the viewable versions of your website. Only one version of your site should be viewable.


 Research of the uniqueness of site texts.


 Content analysis for spam, bad keywords and bad key phrases. As you know, keyword abuse leads to negative consequences.


 Recommendations for configuring robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. These are the first files that search robots work with. The correct setting allows you to have a positive effect on the search results of a resource.


 Checking the response codes of the page server, adaptability, site loading speed.


Providing the results of a technical audit with a list of recommendations.



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