Website usability audit is designed to detect flaws and errors that create inconvenience for visitors when using the site. As a result, users leave the resource and the number of failures increases. This reflects badly on the ranking of the site in the search engines. To avoid such problems, it is necessary to analyze and make changes to the site.


In addition to the first factor, you need to order a usability audit when it is not possible to carry out a comprehensive SEO-website promotion. The analysis will reveal weaknesses, the correction of which will help to positively affect the position in the search engines and improve the quality of the site. This method will improve your business for less.



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What does the usability audit service include


After checking the site, our specialists provide a document with the audit results and a list of recommendations. The volume of the document is over 30 pages in the vast majority of cases. Site analysis is carried out according to the following points:


Analysis of the home page.

It includes an assessment of the page structure, design, layout of blocks and site elements. All page modules are tested for operability and usability. It also checks the text, its quality and structure.


Checking the catalog of goods or services.

The sections are analyzed from the user's point of view, errors and usability are checked. Evaluation of the directory structure, sections and categories. Checking for critical components.


Product page analysis.

The quality of description and characteristics of the product are checked. We analyze components that help place an order for customers.


Website page loading speed.

It is important that the pages load quickly. This parameter is used by Google in the ranking algorithm.


Analysis of the shopping cart and the entire process of purchasing..

Our experts check the methods of ordering goods or services, find moments that cause difficulties for the user. Evaluation of the convenience of ordering. If a client has difficulties with the shopping cart, he will most likely leave the site and order the product elsewhere. Therefore, it is important to simplify the ordering process.


The correctness of the site search.

Search is especially important for online stores with a wide range of products. We analyze the correctness of search results and the presence of restrictions.


Navigation chain.

The presence and correct location of breadcrumbs for different types of pages is checked.


Audit of text content.

The quality, literacy and structure of the texts are assessed.


Availability of adaptability for mobile devices.

Today, a huge percentage of the population browses websites through portable devices. A mobile version is required. Viewing the desktop version of the site on a small screen is inconvenient. We will test your website on different screen sizes.


Broken links.

Broken links degrade your site's ranking and prevent potential customers from viewing the content they want.


Duplicate content

Our team checks your website content for copies or plagiarism. Duplicate content lowers a site's Google rankings.


Checking for cross-browser compatibility.

We investigate the correctness of the site layout at different resolutions in different browsers.


List of recommendations.

An expanded list of recommendations is provided to help improve the resource.


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Benefits of website usability analysis.


Usability affects the conversion of your website. Eliminating errors will simplify the use of the site, as a result, traffic and the number of orders will increase. The following disadvantages are most often identified:


♦ Inconvenience of navigation

♦ Problems in the technical part

♦ Lack of required elements

♦ Incorrect display of information

♦ Complicated checkout process, etc.


By applying the received recommendations, you will be able to reduce the number of refusals, introduce useful elements and solutions, and increase sales.






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