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SEO-House is one of the best SEO Company for lawyers. To successfully promote a website for a law firm, we carry out all standard SEO work, as well as use additional tools. Additional methods of promotion include strategies that take into account the specifics of the SEO marketing for attorneys topic. Thanks to the combined use of different tools, we get the best results and traffic growth. Our SEO agency for lawyers create a user-friendly website that allows to find the desired service and make an application.


To increase the trust of website visitors to a law firm, it is necessary to place high-quality content that corresponds to the subject matter and maximally responds to user requests. For this, our SEO agency for attorneys use the services of a copywriter who is a specialist in the legal industry.


What do we pay attention to when working with SEO for attorneys and lawyers?


1. Technical analysis of the web resource.


We perform analysis for all promoted sites. If the site has technical errors, the site is loading slowly or the information is displayed incorrectly, then you cannot move on to SEO. It is important to make all the necessary adjustments. We check the quality of work and the speed of displaying the pages of the website on different devices. After verification, a task is drawn up for the programmer, who makes the necessary adjustments. As a result of the work done, the site works stably, loads quickly, all information is displayed correctly.


2. List of search queries.


When the site works correctly, we move on to the next stage. One of the important points in local SEO for lawyers is collecting the semantic core. At this stage, we collect complete information that corresponds to the legal topic and search queries on Google. For each request, the frequency is checked, analysis and selection of phrases that will be most effective for this site are carried out.


3. Optimization of website pages.


When the list of key phrases and queries is ready for all pages of the website, we perform the correction of tags and titles (title, description, h1). The information posted in them has a great impact on getting the site to the TOP of Google. Therefore, the content of tags and headings should include key phrases, as well as information useful to the visitor.


4. Website content.


We will create a convenient structure for the site, which includes sections with various types of services. Particular attention is paid to the content of the pages. The content of the site should be useful, unique and contain complete information about all legal services.

The structure of the site can be as follows: services for individual clients, services for business, information about a law firm (reviews, diplomas, work experience).


5. Information about the reputation of lawyers and advocates.


To increase the number of clients at the expense of site visitors, you need to add information that describes the competence of the law firm. A high-quality description of the company, work experience, qualifications of employees increases the trust of visitors to the company. We recommend the following options for describing the quality of legal services:


1. you can provide statistics of work, indicating specific numbers and terms of work,

2. you add diplomas and thanks from clients,

3. awards of lawyers and advocates who represent this legal organization,

4. reviews,

5. photos of the office and employees,

6. forms for clients' appeals (ordering services, consultations, etc.).


6. Checking for spam on pages.

We analyze website pages, evaluate the optimality of text structures. We compose a copywriter task for each page. A high-quality page should contain not only text, but also images, videos, lists, sections. SEO for lawyers also provides an analysis of competitors' sites.


7. Creation of sections with frequently asked questions.

If the website has FAQ pages, this makes it possible to expand the list of search queries. This means that it increases traffic and the number of potential customers. The high-quality design of this section and the placement of useful information allows the user to be convinced of the level of your competence and increases the user's confidence in the law firm.


We supplement this list of actions with the creation of external links, we regularly analyze the positions of the site and make the necessary changes. Our SEO agency also provides services for a small law firms.



If you have additional questions about promoting your law firm, order a free consultation. Our staff will answer all your questions.


SEO-House perform legal marketing, we offer the best SEO service for attorneys. We will analyze your site and offer you an individual promotion plan.


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