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Our company consists of experts, with a great experience and knowledge about work of search engines algorithms. Together with algorithms update we upgrade our experience and test new techniques. That’s why we don’t fear to accept the challenge of bringing your website on TOP of Google search. Just having a website (even with all latest gadgets) is not a profitable venture without visitors. To drive visitors to website and to convert them into your customers – that is what our team deals with.


The main idea of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The process impacts on the online visibility of a website in a search engine's unpaid results. SEO assumes fixing all technical aspects of website working, rational keywords structure and link building. As for technical side it is clear that website should be optimized in accordance with search engines requirements.


Big part of optimization is occupied by keyword research. It is important to catch search intent of people looking for your services or products. Understanding all possible variants and the way how your targeted visitors search – allows us gather complete semantic core. This part of work helps definitively improve your SEO ranking.

 search engine optimization

Why SEO is especially relevant now?


Time when billboards and TV advertisements were popular is the past. Anyone who starts business today should present it on the internet or you lose a part of customers. Many companies fail without correct online advertising.


Another important thing is to present your company, services or goods correctly. Potential customers should easily find your offer. And offer should meet their requirements. That’s why a website needs to be optimized by professionals.


What does our SEO Company offer?

  1. Audit and Competitive analysis

In that part of work our SEO team reviews the code of your website, checks web analytics, determines any problems and finds new opportunities for growth and development.

  • Audit includes identification of broken and bad links, code errors, analysis of sitemap and robots.txt file and other obstacles to improving search ranking.
  • Our experts provide digital marketing analysis which shows weaknesses against top competitors in search results.
  1. Web analytics setup
  • Customizing such tools like google search console and google analytics gives a great deal in monitoring visibility of a website. Monitoring of changes is basically built on those tools.
  • Besides we use other specific toolkit for assembly all needed information about your website and progress.
  1. Optimizing website content and code
  • At that part we perform keyword research, which is based on the top sales-driving search terms in your business area.
  • On the basis of gathered keywords our experts optimize Meta tags, headings structure, page text and so on.
  • Code improvement contains removal of unneeded code and attributes that slow down the page speed.
  • Website elements are also analyzed. For example, such components like buttons, contact forms should be optimal for using by visitors. If there are any downsides – they will be fixed.
  1. Link building and Social Media Integration
  • At first our experts analyze backlinks to promoted website and backlinks to competitors’ websites.
  • On basis of collected information we determine link building strategy.
  • Quality backlinks are established in accordance with natural link increment.
  • At the same time the website is promoted by submitting to local directories.
  • Profiles such as Google My Business page are also optimized.
  1. Reports and adjustment of SEO strategy
  • In the process of collaboration we provide regular reports about accomplished work and results.
  • According to results of work we analyze SEO plan and correct our strategy if some points can be improved.
  • During process of optimization we repeat keyword research. In market area you should always be on searching new potentially-valuable keywords.


Example of one of our recent accomplishments


keyword ranking


At the picture above you can see improvement of search engine ranking for one of our project. This growth is observed for the keyword “software development company”. It has a quite high competition for the region and that’s why struggle for TOP3 is rather complicated. This result was gained within 6 months.


traffic growth


At the same time we worked at traffic and at the result we managed to rise it to the point above 1500 targeted visitors a day. This achievement also required 6 months.


Do you want to be more visible on search engines? We can help you do that. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.



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